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Becky D.

"Loved the Nursing Support Pack! I was struggling with breastfeeding and the nipple shields were a life saver, the tea and cookies made a real difference (and not to mention they taste great), and all of the items were helpful and have made my breastfeeding experience easier. You don't know you need these things till you have them and are so THANKFUL once you do."

Tricia K.

"I had an amazing experience with Lilac Pack! It was so awesome to have everything I needed waiting for me at home. No worrying, no sending anyone out for what i could have forgot. AMAZING!!!"

Chanel Nelson, mom and blogger @ Motherhood Is

"...Another package I’m excited about is my Lilac Pack that came this week just in time for #CamilleMadison. Lilac Pack curated hand-picked, mama approved items in custom postpartum care packages depending on what your needs are. Whether it be vaginal delivery, cesarean birth and/or breast feeding, they have you covered. This company is extra special to me as the founder is a friend of mine and I am excited about the growth of her company and thankful that she put the time and energy into creating such a care package as this. Motherhood is putting your care first."

Laci D.

"I LOVED my lilac pack! Such necessary but sometimes not thought about items! I was so thankful to have things I didn’t even know I needed! This is such a thoughtful gift for any expecting mother!"

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