With a lot of patience and a bit of help, mom will have her best start to nursing success with our Breastfeeding Support Pack. Boasting our full compliment of breastfeeding and breast care products, no matter what comes mom's way - she will be taken care of. 


Each product is hand-picked by experienced moms and doctor approved.

Breastfeeding Support Pack

SKU: NUP00000
  • All of these products are included in your Nursing Support pack

    • Chocolate Chip Lactation Cookies
    • Organic Herbal Milk Tea
    • Organic Nursing Cream
    • Protective Nursing Shields
    • Lanolin Cream
    • Soothies Gel Pads
    • Ultimate Nursing Pads
    • Therapearls 3-in-1 Hot/Cold Pack

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