The V-Word

I wrote this post on social media with the intention to be more authentic:

Normally I'll post something sweet, encouraging and possibly even informative. But I realized that I wasn't posting on my business page the information that a pregnant woman needs to know. Namely, why it's important to prepare for childbirth recovery. Or why preparing for breastfeeding can make a difference in the outcome. Why wasn't I doing that? Fear. Fear that I might say something that would turn someone off from looking at my page. That the minute that me, as a postpartum care company, said something that went too far into the realm of 'ouch' or 'gross' would make someone seeing my post scoff and write me off.

But then I realized something. If I can't be authentic, then what's the point? So bravely, I wrote my post and scheduled it a few days ahead, just in case I change my mind... And then sent it to a couple of friends and my sister/business partner because hey, when we're feeling a little brazen and insecure at the same time sometimes we need a little help from our friends.

Mostly the feedback was positive and I was encouraged to 'loosen up' and 'put it out there'. I even had a few people think I was funny - yay! But there was another opinion too. Why use 'vag' and not 'vagina'? I would write a long explanation of my opinion, but my sister and the other half of Lilac Pack I think puts it best. Here are her words:

Wow, amazing right? It's empowering and so 'her'. I ended up keeping the post as it was because I wrote it in the spirit of being authentic and I thought, can I really be authentic if I'm edited? Maybe in the future I'll abandon 'vag', 'special lady parts', 'hoo-ha', 'the v-word' and the oh so vanilla 'area' for the bolder, more beautiful or just plain normal vagina.


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