My top 5 favorite things about being a mom.

I love being a mom. I've never been more fulfilled in a role than I have been with the title of mom. As hard as it can be sometimes, for me it's always worth it. From the early mornings to the late nights, through the tears and the deep breaths and all the poo, I really and whole-heartedly love it. And it's worthwhile for me to think on the things I love. Because it is hard. And when it gets really hard, something that helps me is thinking on the things that I love so much to help me get through.

1. Hearing my daughter laugh.

There is no greater gift than a moment of laughter and my daughter's laugh is my most favorite sound in the world. The sweet tinkling sound always makes me smile in my worst moment. Now that my daughter is officially a toddler she'll giggle with the slightest look or tickle - and I take full advantage!

2. Morning snuggles.

My little one isn't the snuggliest of babies, but in that early morning time when I'm just getting her up from her crib, the first thing she does is lay her head down on my shoulder. It always makes me pause and hold on tight. Holding her I'll walk over to the window and pull back the curtain and we'll see what the day looks like and watch the birds in the feeder. It's just a moment or two of pause that we have together before the demands of the day take over. I relish these little moments of sweetness.

3. Finding PLAY again.

My world is so full of play now. Singing, coloring, stopping at the park, baby swim class - it's all about FUN and really enjoying the days. I never realized how much PLAY I was missing, didn't even know that I was missing it - but I was. Now, my days are so filled with play of every kind. With kids, everything is a game. Just the other day I was cleaning up a milk spill and I looked up and saw my daughter watching me. All it took was a smile and a duck of my head and we were playing peek-a-boo through the kitchen chairs. She fills my world with play and I'm so grateful for these little joys that were not in my world before.

4. Mommy community.

It takes a village - really. One of the first things I did with my baby was go to baby storytime at the library. There I met a whole community of moms and babies and now they're some of my best friends. We learn from each other, spend time together and watch our kids play and grow and when we need to we vent and laugh about the ridiculous things that happen or that we do for our kids. And more than that, I feel a connection to these wonderful people who go through these similar experiences. I instantly like moms. And I've never met more accepting, friendly people that are willing to go through this crazy world of parenthood with me and smile along the way. It's a part of why I started Lilac Pack. To give back to this community of women who have given so much to me already. I'll continue to say thank you in any way that I can.

5. Watching everything new.

I get so many gifts from my daughter every single day. I get to watch her learn and be her teacher. I get to see the moment of discovery - when she overcomes that challenge, realizes a connection, sees something for the first time, says something for the first time. These are amazing moments and true wonders. I am always amazed at how smart she is, how much she can do, and how this tiny little human can bring so much joy and love to my life.

I'm so grateful to be a mom. I don't always feel it; I get tired and irritable just like anyone else does. But really, at the end of the day I love it all. I'll happily take the bad because there's so much good, so much joy to have. It really and truly is a gift to be a mom, and to stop and think about all the wonderful things that come with that most honored title. It is my most cherished role.


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