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Lilac Pack started when I was starting my family. Having a sister who is a doctor gave me a great advantage. I was fully prepared for my personal recovery from childbirth with realistic expectations, product recommendations to get more relief and comfort at home and instructions on how to use each product. When I had trouble breastfeeding, I again had all the support I needed.


What I learned getting out in the community is that not a lot of moms have this same support. They weren't prepared for their childbirth recovery and many didn't meet their original breastfeeding goals. My sister and I recognized this as a big problem and put our heads together.


With her in-depth knowledge and my intense drive, together we created Lilac Pack. A simple and easy way for moms to get what they need to have a better childbirth recovery experience and to meet their breastfeeding goals. With easy to select packages filled with full-size products hand-picked for mom and doctor reviewed and approved, we make sure mom has everything she needs.

We provide care packs filled with the products new moms need to care for their new bodies after baby. From birth recovery to breastfeeding, we help new moms have a supported postpartum experience.

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